Actually, Feb-1 is the official date but if you have not changed your password since Feb-1, time to do it.  You know it sucks but until everything is Two-Factor, we have to deal with this silly password hygiene.

I love how Intel is promoting this.  Keeping it top of mind is a good thing because again, no one wants to do it until it is too late.

Here is the deal, you are now asked to manage more than 40+ accounts online with everyone wanting you to have a login/password and everyone of them presenting the bad guys an account to compromise.

Do yourself a favor and tool up.

If you have not employed a password management tool, find one you like and start using it.  If you don’t like it, try a different one but trust me, you want to be using a tool to manage all these accounts.

Also, I found this tool recently and I like it a lot.  Wolfram make an app I keep on my iPhone that helps me generate ridiculously strong passwords that are simple to remember.

But in the end, you really want to make sure you are pushing your services like your bank, credit unions, all the important online accounts to two-factor authentication.  If you think it is a pain in the ass, it is less pain than the comprise of your accounts and the clean up that follows.