Go to File, Select 3D Print…


There is a Yin and Yang with disruptive technology.  When gunpowder was invented, it was used for celebrating life (fireworks) and at the same time for taking lives (guns).  In our lifetime, we have seen many inventions punctuate the future and this blog post is about one of them: 3D Printing.

As these 3D printing devices become more precise, easier to use, and cheaper to acquire, everyday life will change forever.  But more importantly, this new capability will be used for both good and evil.  This to me is the way you know the technology will be durable and long lasting: it does not pick sides, it is just freekin awesome.

In the same week, a new Department of Homeland Security intelligence bulletin warns it could be “impossible” to stop 3D-printed guns from being made, not to mention getting past security checkpoints and another CNN Health article tells us how 3D printing help save a dying baby.  The quote goes “We can put together a complete copy of a body part on the 3-D printer within a day,” Green said. “So we can make something very specific for a patient very quickly.” How’s that for contrast?!

This 3-D or 3-Space industry will give rise to secondary markets in the same way that 2D printing and scanning changed the 2D world.  What I’m exploring here is that the ecosystem that is 3D contains:

–          3D scanning

–          3D printing

–          3D modeling

–          3D printing supplies (materials)

–          3D Knowhow

And with it a new domain of craftwork is born.  One that stands on the shoulders of the old but ties to our physical world we live in like nothing before it.

Imagine a new eyewear shop where you could fit your face perfectly in terms of sizing and style.  (I need this because none of that stuff in stock ever fits my big head)

Imagine all the medical field making parts: teeth, bones, etc

Imagine products for your growing child being just printed at home.  You could have their accessories always be the right size through their growing years.

Imagine never having to do the dishes because everything you use to eat could be printed just in time for the meal and then after the meal, recycled to be printing supply again.

But ultimately, I see 3d printing as a way to give rise to robotics that become self-maintaining and evolve more like their biological counterparts; a day when a computer can build and evolve itself.  Parts can wear out or get outdated and new part printed and integrated.  We are not very far off from simple systems that can be ‘born’ with the minimal set to survive.  And again with the contrast, these highly evolved robotic systems will help us with our aging population and by the same token, be used for war and terror.  Silly silly humans.

Get the larger picture with this Mashable link

Spartan Sprint Race Notes


I’m going to jot down in a semi organized manner my thoughts from the Spartan Sprint I did with my wife Kathy on 5/18/2013.  I want to get it out of my head while it is still fresh and if you decide to do a Spartan race, I hope this is useful to you.  Here we go.

All the stuff about hydration and rest are true but you must do but do it in your own way.  The best advice I got on Facebook was to get two solid nights of rest on night -3 and -2 so the night before the race (night -1), you have less pressure and just need to concentrate on staying still.  If you are like me, your head is already going through the race course.  The other thing I did was broke my rule and had not 1, but 2 glasses of red wine the night before the race. I was golden the next morning and so I think I have found something that works for me pre race.  Experiment and find what works for you.

In preparation for my next race, I’m observing what muscle groups were most stressed for this last race. In terms of what hurts the most after the race, I would say that back, lats, and grip muscles feel like the most ripped up from the obstacles.  For the Beast, I will need way more upper body strength, I will need to lose about 5 to 10 lbs., and most importantly get some more technique down for a few obstacles that I will cover in a minute.  No amount of Youtube watching on rope climbing will help you on game day, it must be in your muscle memory.

What to wear? Your attire must be light, tight fitting, will not retain water/mud, and most importantly makes you feel like a badass.  Remember the mental game is just as important as the physical.   There is more mud than you will never want to experience and this mud gets heavy too.  I wore a modification from what I wore in Toughmudders.  My notes are as follows:

– Good compression underwear.  Go with what works for you and experiment months prior.  You don’t want to find out on race day that something is abrasive.  Under Armor works for me and as the ads say: PROTECT THE HOUSE!

– There will be lots of crawling on mud with rocks, burs, and branches so go with tight pants that covered the knees and offer compression for your legs.  For Toughmudders I wore shorts over it because I did not want to show my junk.  This time I just said fuck it. The shorts just got wet and weighed me down and truthfully, being the modest person that I am, it looked fine.  If there were problems with let us call it bulges, for safety reasons you might want to modify for no one wants that stuff to get caught on the barbwire!

– Shoes: you should have been in them for at least the last 4 months and by this time thinking about tossing them.  You can try to save them but it will be cheaper and take less time to just toss them and get new ones.  Some of the new trail running shoes are better at keeping the small rocks from getting in so I say find the top of the line trail running shoes and some socks that will be ok being muddy and wet the entire time.

– Dressing the upper body is a personal preference.  For Toughmudders I wore a long sleeve Nike Combat Pro top.  It worked mainly because it was light, did not pick up much water, and covered my elbows.  This time I wore a tight sleeveless shirt, and then I went to the team sport section at Academy and purchased these basketball shooter sleeves.  This one by McDavid had some padding in the elbows which was awesome.  Make sure they fit well because they will be super muddy and you don’t want them to be moving around.  This minimal plan worked out well and I will do it again for the Beast in August.

– If you are going to stay anaerobic, you want to have Goo on your for anything past 45 minutes.  I wore a Nathan Waist Pack large enough for 6 goo’s.  I was carrying for my fellow runners too.  During the race, I loaded at 45 minutes and then every 30 minutes thereafter.  (2 total)  There was a woman cramping up late in the course and I tossed her one too.  When the Glycogen is all spent, you must reload your muscles.  Find something you like and try them out on your long training days during the week.  I really like the Stinger Honey but find what works for you.

I wore compression socks the day prior to the race and walked for 3 miles just to get stuff moving around and to calm my nerves.  Post race I wore compression sleeves on my calves and they felt great.  Legs should be fine after the next 24hrs.

Let’s talk obstacles.  The Spartan Sprint is under 5 miles, this one was 4.5 miles.  They obstacles are not evenly spaced so if you train by running .5 miles, 30 burpees, repeat; it will not be like this on race day. I’m going to change my training to mix up the miles between obstacles.  No detailed map of the race course was published so just know that it is not evenly spaced and obstacles like the vertical rope climb are at the end so you will need your strength.  There is a big crescendo to the race with some of the most spectacular obstacles near the end where all the spectators are located.  This is why pace is so important and you really need to never take any muscle group to complete exhaustion during the race.  My advice is to train so you can always have 5 reps in your back pocket that you will never spend.

I’ll go through each obstacle I experienced with a brief description and what you can do to train for it.

Fire jump: you jump over flames. Typically at the very end before the finish line.  Just make sure you do a good amount of plyo box jumps and you will do fine.

Barbed wire crawl: very muddy 50-100 yards barbed wire. Just think you are a hotdog rolling along.  I found this relaxing and almost therapeutic but I’m weird like that.  If you crawl it will exhaust too many muscles and you will be moving slower than if you pretend to be a log or hotdog and just roll your way to victory.  To train I say find a football field and roll goal to goal.

Over-Under-Through: you must first climb over a wall about 4’, then under a wall (drop and roll is what I did), then through a square hole placed in a wall.  Nothing to it.  Search youtube for video footage of this if you want to see it.

Over-Under: you jump over a 4’ wall, then roll under a horizontal beam about 2’ off the ground.  The under part has a net that might get in the way but like I said before, just roll like a hotdog and you will do fine.

Spear throw: You will likely fail this so the faster you can try it and do your 30 burpees the better.  The spears are lame and my only advice is to through them as hard as you can because they need the force to really stick.  I hit my target but not hard enough to stick.  Given this, make sure you eye a spot to do your burpees because it might be crowed and in my case, I had a really crappy spot where on my pushup part of the burpees, I had tall weeds in my face.  Boo.

Wall climb: There was a 6” and an 8” wall in my race which were not in sequence.  The large wall looks intimidating but get your technique down before the race and you will do fine.  Muscle memory here will pay off.

Sandbag carry: The sandbag felt to be around 50lbs, lighter for women.  Toss it on your back and take it up and back a slight grade which was about 100 yards.  My sandbag training really paid off here.  I suggest being able to tote around 70 lbs. of sand and make sure you find a position on your shoulders that work for you.  All the muscles that keep you stable and injury free will develop and you will kick this obstacles ass.

Atlas Carry: You pick up this round and awkward cement object weighing what felt like 60 or 70 lbs, walk it over about 10 yards, put it down; pick it up again and walk it back.  In some races I hear you do 5 burpees too but that was not the case in ours.  For training, I recommend a crap load of sumo and goblet squats.  If you are lifting with your glutes, you will blow through this no problem.

Tire Flip: Love it.  As describe, giant tire, you flip it twice one way, twice back.  Smaller tires for women.  Don’t get me wrong, the tire was heavy but with proper technique, all is good.  Get with the largest tire you can find and give it a name because you will establish a love/hate relationship with it.

Drag Cement with Chain: This is a chain about 4’ in length connected to a large cement object weighing approximately 50lbs that you pull around a course.  I put both hands behind me evenly and pulled it like it was a tail.  The racers in front of you will likely have cut a path so try and stay on that line and it will move quickly.  The distance is 50 yards tops and it loops around so you just put it back where you picked it up.  I say try and train for this by dragging your heaviest kettlebell around some field.  Just attach a rope or strap to the horns of your kettlebell and you should do fine.

Herculean Hoist: grab a rope and hoist a cement block off the ground using a pulley system. Scope this out and quickly find the rope that is least slippery.  If it starts to slip, twist and do what you can to hold because once it starts to fall, it will be burpeeville for you.  The technique I used was to get a good initial hold, and drop back on my butt to a completely seated position on the ground; then it was just hand over hand pulls.  It started to slip on me so I quickly twisted the rope to stop it.  This is all lats and back so all your rows, lat-pulls, and pullups will pay off here.

Traversal Wall: the traversal wall is similar to a bouldering wall.  I almost made it across but fell at the end, 30 burpees for me.  Needless to say, this is all technique and I was not prepared.  This obstacle more than any other will challenge your grip strength because you are holding on randomly placed 2×4 squares on the wall as  you place your feet on the lower 2×4 squares and make it across this wall without falling.  A popular style I observed was to engage both hands and swing legs over.  In order to get better at this, I might have to take a few rock climbing lessons.

Slippery Wall: it is more of a 45 degree ramp with a knotted rope and then 45 degrees down on horizontal slates.  The ramp is slippery so perpendicular to the floor which means you will need to lean back and just hand over hand pull until you get to the top.  Respect the fact that this thing is slippery and one slip means injury and you are out of the race.

Gladiator Arena: the very last obstacle involves volunteers in the role of “gladiators” who try to knock you down with pugil sticks.  I just put my head down and plowed through.

Monkey Bars: I should have done more training on this before the race.  There are about 10 to 12 bars standing at a clearance of about 10’ from the ground.  As you know, this is both technique and strength and my technique sucked.  I will be doing way more of these in training.

Log Hop: Picture logs of random lengths, vertically placed approximately 4’ apart like steps and you must hop across them without falling.  There is not a lot of surface area as I was only able to get one foot on the log at a time requiring an incredible amount of balance.  My wife did great on this whereas I sucked.  I am going to have to build something similar to train because I must get stable and confident on this type of obstacle.

40” Pipe Crawl: If you are just a little claustrophobic, DO NOT do this and just take the 30 burpees.  You crawl into a pipe that is approximately 3’ in diameter and ‘crawl’ 40 feet to the other end.  It is dark, slippery, hot, and if the person in front of you is stuck, guess what, you are stuck too.  I was first on my back thinking I could push with my feet and walk with my shoulders; that did not work well so I flipped over and just used my elbows to pull me the entire way.  To train for this, I recommend going to a field, pretend that you have lost the use of your legs, lay down in a plank position and just use your elbows/arms to pull you.  Go 50 yards and you will find new muscles engaging that you never knew you had.  Stay calm because if you panic in this pipe, it will get ugly fast.

Cargo net climb: You climb up a mesh rope net about 20 feet, traverse about 10 feet of mesh net that spans an opening 20 feet over the ground, then back down 20 feet of mesh rope.  Take your time.  The rope is slippery and other climbers are causing it to move so hold tight and take your time.  I have a fear of heights that I needed to overcome.  That middle section was a challenge but I convinced myself that if I rolled over it like a hotdog, nice and long, there is no way I could fall through the mesh.  The technique paid off and after about 15 rolls I was at the end ready to crawl down.

Rope climb: Simply climb the knotted rope and ring the bell.  Estimated height is about 20 feet as two cargo containers on each side support the top horizontal bar.  Oh, and it the bottom of the rope is in about 4 feet of standing muddy water.  Get someone to hold the bottom of the rope for you and use the knots with a technique that uses mostly your legs and core.  I did not train as hard as I should have for this obstacle and will not make that mistake again.  I’m going to find a 20” rope somewhere and add it to my weekly training.

Muddy Ditches:  There is a series of muddy mounds and ditches that you must cross.  The difficulty with this is that as the race progresses, those mounds get harder and harder to climb because they are so slippery and without steps.  In the worst case scenario, buddy up so that your partner boosts you up to the top; from the top of the mound, you in turn pull him up and you both slide down the back.

Muddy River Crossing Crawl to exit: You walk through about chest high muddy water and then out under some wire requiring a low crawl for about 10 yards.  This is a trivial obstacle but the mud is serious and I have seen people lose their shoes.  This is not good because you will lose time and energy so be careful as you step through this mud.

Mud Crawl:  it is a messy crawl for about 20 yards under some low hanging wire through mud.  It is not barbed wire but it is low so roll through it like a hotdog and you will do find.

In closing I will say that it is best to approach each obstacle with the highest respect.  Every one of these could go bad and an injury means you are out of the race completely.  I watched one time as a totally fit trainer took to the monkey bars and because of a single muddy bar she slipped and fell to fracture her ankle.  No matter how easy you think it will be, shit happens.

Find your pace and like a good drummer, hold to that meter.  Just before the gun goes off, you will have so much adrenaline flowing that when that starting gun sounds, you dart off and hit v02max within the first minute.  Don’t make that mistake.  You know what a solid zone 3 feels like and aim for it.  It will take a lot to manage this start of the race but at the end of the race, you will thank yourself.

My closing note is about the non-trivial task of clean up.  You will seriously have mud everywhere.  Know that when you cross the finish line, you will want to have packed a garbage bag for your muddy stuff and some fresh clothes for post race (simpler the better). I donated my shoes at the end of the race but forgot to pack an extra pair – never making that mistake again.  There is a car wash, 3 loads of laundry, and a 15 minute shower in your near future.


The Endangered Undo Option

undo-buttonIs it just me or are you noticing less and less of an undo option within apps?  Back in the day, every last action could be reverted by a control-Z.  Even Gmail continues to offer an Undo button but more mobile, tablet, and now PC applications are missing this critical feature.

Yes, you can argue that you can just go get it out of the Trash, or to that folder you mistakenly dropped it in but that is just such a hassle when I simple and consistent Control-Z would get us back to the previous state.

I’m making this point particularly as we start to move to more of a touch screen based experience.  My fingers are fat and if I make the wrong move, I would like to correct the action with a single gesture.  Is this too much to ask?  I think not.

I’m not going to point fingers because I’ve experience this with Apple, Microsoft, & Android applications.

People, without the magical Undo feature, users are hesitant and fearful of making mistakes; it prohibits play and we all know that play is the fundamental way we all learn.

If you experience an application without an Undo, make noise and be a pain in the ass please.  If you are like me, it is as important as the On and Off button.

Happy Change Your Password Day

Actually, Feb-1 is the official date but if you have not changed your password since Feb-1, time to do it.  You know it sucks but until everything is Two-Factor, we have to deal with this silly password hygiene.

I love how Intel is promoting this.  Keeping it top of mind is a good thing because again, no one wants to do it until it is too late.

Here is the deal, you are now asked to manage more than 40+ accounts online with everyone wanting you to have a login/password and everyone of them presenting the bad guys an account to compromise.

Do yourself a favor and tool up.

If you have not employed a password management tool, find one you like and start using it.  If you don’t like it, try a different one but trust me, you want to be using a tool to manage all these accounts.

Also, I found this tool recently and I like it a lot.  Wolfram make an app I keep on my iPhone that helps me generate ridiculously strong passwords that are simple to remember.


But in the end, you really want to make sure you are pushing your services like your bank, credit unions, all the important online accounts to two-factor authentication.  If you think it is a pain in the ass, it is less pain than the comprise of your accounts and the clean up that follows.


Hey Dell, your vending machine is broken


For the past 48 hours, I have been trying to give Dell Computer my money but it has been a very frustrating experience.  The story should read: I pick out my computer online, I pay for it with my credit card, they ship the computer to me and the transaction is complete.  It went nothing like this and in this blog post I want to show how online fraud and cybercrime has affected the honest consumer just trying to do business.  It’s obvious no one is counting these costs because I have never experienced something so broken.  As criminals get become clever in their ways, both vendors and consumers need to also evolve and this obviously was not the case with Dell over the past few days.

Day 1: I do my research and end up selecting a Dell computer, configure it just the way I want it, enter all my information and click purchase.  Within minutes I get a confirmation of the purchase and an estimated delivery of the unit.  The next action should be tracking the package and getting my merchandise.

Day 2: I’m at a coffee shop first thing in the morning and I open my email to find a message from Dell saying the ordering is being ‘held’.  1) while it is my first email , the subject says it is the 2nd notify.  WTF? And 2) the reason is that there are ‘difficulties processing payment for your order’ which we will later find out that was complete lie after speaking to my bank who had already authorized the purchase.

So the instructions say to contact Dell at a 1-800 so I do.  Person who I will call A.L. answers, gets my order # and asks me to verify 4 or 5 different things about myself and the order.  I answer all the questions correctly and then she says: “What I need you to do is to send me an email from your business account please.”   If you are paying attention so far, you will know that they already sent me an email which I validated with my call into A.L. So I tell her I am using my business address, it is the one I entered in the order, it is the one I used to get the number to call her.  She says (don’t laugh), no, that is your gmail account, I need you to send me an email from your business.  2xWTF?  I kinda lose it at this point and explain again that I use my gmail account for my business and she finally says ok ok ok, just reply with a statement that this is my order and that I confirm that the order is valid.  I make her stay on the phone with me while she confirms that she received it.  I ask if there is anything else and she say no, the order is no longer on hold.

Get ready to punch yourself in the face.  Approximately 5 hours later that same day I get an email explaining THAT THE ORDER WAS CANCELED!  The explanation being that they could NOT GET IN TOUCH WITH ME to “ensure the security of the transaction”.  Really?  Oh, wait, it gets even worse.

I call Dell again, give them my order number and explain to the agent that earlier in the day, I played 20 questions with a person that said the order was off a hold status and then just now received an email saying “ORDER CANCELED”.  She says “Oh, that is because your credit card company did not fund the transaction and cancelled the order”.  I asked “Are you sure because my other purchases went through”.  She says “There is nothing Dell can do at this point because you will need to work this out with your bank”   I thank her and say that I will get to the bottom of this.

Ring ring ring…I get on the line with an agent at my bank and ask her about this transaction.  She confirms the amount and says “Sir, this transaction was authorized a few days ago (the initial online purchase).  I ask her for the authorization number and she give it to me.  I ask if she would be ok speaking with the merchant because they just flat out lied to me.  She said no problem and was there to help.  (love my bank)

Ring ring ring…hopefully final call to Dell.  I get to an agent and explain the entire history of the transaction, and highlight the fact that I may want to speak to a manager because the last agent I spoke with lied to my face saying that the credit card company cancelled the transaction and I needed to start the entire buying process over again with another credit card.  They put me on hold….waiting…waiting…they come back on the line and say they will create a new order, and ship it next day for free.

You would think at this point, I would be done but it has been 12 hours from my last call with Dell and still no confirmation.  I will update the comments as this story unfolds.

So here is the deal, throughout this entire transaction, being the security person I am, I can name half a dozen places where little to no authentication was performed.  In fact, the first email that came to me from Dell could have been spear phished putting me in the position of divulging all my personal information to a bad guy.  What a mess.  You can really see the scar tissue that online fraud has caused Dell and unless they change their processes, more valid customers will experience what I went through.  I’m just trying to buy something from them.

I.T. phone home



One of my predictions for 2013 back in 2012 was the smartphone playing a larger role in security.  While it itself will need to be secure, it is always with a person second to maybe car keys and wallet – even those items could be integrated one day to your smart phone.

Do you know of anything else with a processor, memory, and connectivity that is as personal to one’s daily life?  I don’t.  I imagine that in 2013 we will see more tech on our bodies with smart watches, smart glasses (I want my Google glasses), chips in shoes, maybe something in a hat or belt.  In a few years, I’ll need 10 to 20 IP addresses just for my wearable network.  This brings a new context to link-local.  I like the term on-body.  Today my on-body network consist of my smartphone and my heart rate monitor but I am ready for more please.

Today on a tech podcast, I heard that someone in Taiwan had leaked rumors of a fingerprint reader on the new iPhones.  It is about time.  The smart phone is in such a great position to deliver multi-factor authentication that is both convenient and can be made secure.  Let’s look at a few:

  • Something you know.  This is the classic password problem that we have been struggling with for years.  Make the password strong and it is too hard to remember, make it easy to remember and it is weak.  Only when coupled with other factors can we overcome these shortcomings.
  • Something you are.  Fingerprint reader is such a no brainer.  Retina scanners might be hard but not impossible and I have already seen facial recognition work pretty well.  You can imagine that when more precise body system monitoring comes in to play, markers like the heart rate patterns, blinking patterns, all those things that a sensor can monitor could generate a unique signature for your identify that can be used for this factor and also have the added benefit of delivering hearth related telemetry.
  • Something you have.  The phone itself is unique so it can count for this factor.  Others include soft cryptographic tokens, all of this is based on the feasibility to remain unique in some manner.
  • Somewhere you are – location based information.  Given that all phones now have some form of GPS, you could even have a policy that would geo-fence an area requiring lower or higher forms of security.

Many Internet services are already using SMS and other out-of-band communication channels to deliver a two factor authentication based on a challenge-response one time password scheme.  Bravo and lets not stop there.  I can’t tell you how much harder they have made it for the bad guys.  If you are using a service on the Internet that does not offer some two factor authentication, demand it from them.  Apple, Dropbox, Google all have done their part and more need to follow.

Yes there will be successes and failures but again I remind you that never before has there been so much capability, so connected, and so personal.

Crime Report as Marketing


In 2012, I moved to a new area in Austin and within the first week, several home security companies showed up at my door soliciting their products.  At first I thought it was because I was new to the area but then I found out that they monitor these crime reporting websites and solicit their services in areas that have certain crime sprees.  This makes perfect sense right?  Its not like they are performing criminal acts, they are just marketing to people who don’t want to be the next victim.  Lets take a closer look.

Take a look at these:


http://www.krimelabb.com/_basic/view/v_welcome.php  (local to Austin but very cool)


Type in your zipcode and you can get a report sent to your phone every day – all kinds of stuff to be worried about.

Now lets think about this from the perspective of marketing your goods and lets use the spotcrime.com classification


Obviously, if I were running a home security firm, I would want to monitor the Burglary category, but one can imagine other services like security guard services or even people who sell pepper spray monitoring some of these other categories.

My goal in this post was to show you that there are information sets being published out there from public records that drive services to your door.  How is this different from your actions on Facebook or Gmail that drive services to your screen? In all cases, your location, your online identity, so much of your metadata will be used to drive products and services to you that one can imagine a threshold or breaking point for the consumer.  Have you hit yours yet?

And so it begins…


mic check 1,2,1,2, is this thing on?

yup, that’s right, this is my blog and I’m about to make some noise.  With enough coffee, anything is possible.

Gaming, Fitness, Information Technology, if it is in our daily life, I’m certain I can find a security angle on the topic.

I’ll try and keep it short and interesting.  It would be nice if you folks would comment, retweet, all that stuff.  I’m currently unemployed so the next few weeks will be the uncut funk as G. Clinton would say.

So much to post, so little time.

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